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CCSPIN -- ClearCase Service Provider Index

Do you Qualify?

You may join this index if you provide products or services for the ClearCase user community. For example, in one of these areas: You must provide services oriented around the ClearCase product set.

How to Submit your Request

If you'd like to join the index of service providers, send a resume or description (up to 4K bytes) of your service in ASCII or HTML to hoco@timefold.com.

Please do not send Microsoft Word Documents or any other files with proprietary formats. Thanks.
The subject line should include keywords for the region(s) you want your page listed under. These keywords are available now: This is not a home page service. The best thing you could do is provide a pointer to your home page.

What Happens After You Submit Your Request

Your page will not be automatically added! I will be adding each page, to prevent someone from spamming this index (submitting junk, or worse). I'll reply to you if there is a problem with your page.

You can expect your page to be added within a week of when I receive your request under normal circumstances (usually the same day).

I'll be filing these submissions by people's email name. If you submit another it will replace your existing page. Please, don't request updates more than once per month (and hopefully much less often than that).

Once or twice a year I'll be sending email to everyone who submits a page, asking if they still want their page listed. If I don't receive a reply I'll remove the page (because you are presumably not there anymore).

Your listing in CCSPIN is a free service of Timefold.

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