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To fold time you need some kind of time bender.

Bender is my Macintosh 540c computer. Bender is a joy to use -- I operate my busines with bender, including accounting, course development and internet access. I was really hurting when its internal IBM hard disk died.

What is Bender?

Bender is a Macintosh 540c configured with:
9.5" diagonal color active matrix flat panel screen
12 Megabytes of Ram
Internal 19.2 Modem
500 Megabyte Hard Drive
Floppy Drive
Running System 7.5

External CDROM Drive
Iomega ZIP drive (100Meg removable cartriges)
Relisys 2400 Color Scanner
DecLaser 5100 Printer
Apple Color Stylewriter 2200 (bubblejet)

Where did I get Bender?

I got bender from Fry's electronics in Fremont. Believe it or not, they were very helpful, answered all of my questions, and gave me a great price. I did go in in the middle of the day, so maybe they weren't as busy as they usually are. The actually had people who knew about Macintosh computers there.

Why bender?

Why give a personal computer a name at all? Well, to make it more ... personal. Bender has saved me so much time, and enabled me to do so many things, that I think of it as a little device for folding time. Well, if not folding time, then bending it. :-)
Last Updated: 12/28/95
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